Book of Revelation

2nd session 10:30 am to 11:45 am

**3/18/20 Note from Drue –

One of my favorite things in life is getting together with the saints to worship our Lord through teaching, fellowship and music. It looks like for now that is not wise so adjustments need to be made to continue spiritual edification and growth.

We are going to record early the Sunday messages and place them on our website for listening or viewing. They will be ready Sunday morning so can you go to “church” in your own home at the same time if you wish, or whenever it is convenient. Go to and then to the “Resources” tab. If you want to watch find the Vimeo link and look for the Revelation series where it will be posted. You can also get the “podcast” on the same link for the audio transmission. Jimmy already loaded all the currently  recorded Revelation classes as podcasts. Starting this Sunday he will record both sessions for the website and as podcasts.

I will send the handout for the classes before Sunday so that you can print them out if you wish and follow along. There is obviously a lot of Christian music online so you might look some of your favorites songs up and sing along with them. One of my favorites that goes with our studies is the “Revelation Song.” It is easy to find and there are several good versions of it. Also, “Worthy is the Lamb” is another good one.

If you get this email and don’t get one by Saturday afternoon at 5:00 with the bulletin, please check your spam folder first and if it is not there contact me and I will send it separately.



Starting June 23, 2019

1. Introduction June 23

2. Chapter 1 June 30

3. Chapter 1:9-20 July 7

Prepping for Daniel July 14 – Drue is out after shoulder surgery – this is a lesson from G2

4. Drue is with us Chapter 1:16 July 21

5. Rev. 4:2 July 28

6. Rev. 5:1-4 Aug. 4

7. Rev. 5:1-4 Aug. 11

8. Rev. 6:1-8 Aug. 18

9. Rev. 6:1-8 Aug. 25

10. Rev. 7 Sept. 1

11. Rev. 7:9-17 Sept. 8

Drue absent – class presented by John Beecher Wisdom from above Sept. 8 James 3:17-18

12. Rev. 8:1 Sept. 22

13. Rev. 9:1 Sept. 29

14. Rev. 9:5 Oct. 6

15. Rev. 9:12 Oct. 13

16. Rev. 10:1 Oct. 20

17. Rev. 10:4 Oct. 27

18. Rev. 11:1-6 Nov. 3rd

19. Rev. 11:7 Nov. 10th

20. Rev. 11:14-19 Nov. 17th

21. Rev. 12:1-4 Nov. 24th

22. Rev. 12:3-6 Dec. 1st (’tis the season to be jolly, just a reminder, in case you weren’t already – give thanks in all things)

23. Rev. 12:9 Dec. 8th

24. Rev. 12:13-17 Dec. 15th

25. Evidence for YESHUA HA MESHIACH Dec. 22nd

26. Rev. 13:1-3 Dec. 29th

27. Rev. 13:4-9 Jan. 5th

28. Rev. 13:10 Jan. 12th

29. Rev. 13:11 Jan. 19th

30. Rev. 14:1-5 Jan. 26th

31. The Three Angels Feb 2nd

32. The Three Angels Feb 9th

War and Peace Feb 9th* Drue gone, John Beecher fills in

33. The first Harvest Feb 23

34. The Second Harvest March 1

35. Heaven before the Second Advent March 8. Rev. 15:1-4

36. Heaven before the Second Advent March 15. Rev. 15:5-8

37. Descriptions of the Bowl Judgments March 21. Rev. 16:1-7

38. The middle of The Bowl Judgements March 28. Rev. 16:8-14 Class handouts includes both Coming Events and Book of Revelation

3/17/20 Note from Drue –

Hello all:

As a precaution we have decided to cancel this Wednesday night’s class. We will be making a decision about Sunday this coming Friday and let you know.