Podcast Development

This is a new operation for TBC. Hopefully, there will be few “teething” problems. We are full speed ahead on this project due to the current dilemma our nation finds itself in,and will post links to the podcasts as soon as the links are available.

Above all, remember our Lord’s words – “Stop being afraid“. If you slip into fear (we all do from time to time) remember your heritage as a Believer (if not a believer, then there is no time like now to secure your future), all that is required is to tell your Heavenly Father that you are accepting the gift of His Son, Jesus the Messiah, who died on a cross in your place to secure your future with Him for all eternity. “Simple”. Nothing more, nothing less. It is a gracious gift from God to you. Not based on anything you have done or can do, but because of Who He is and will always be.

**3/18/20 Note from Drue –

One of my favorite things in life is getting together with the saints to worship our Lord through teaching, fellowship and music. It looks like for now that is not wise so adjustments need to be made to continue spiritual edification and growth.

We are going to record early the Sunday messages and place them on our website for listening or viewing. They will be ready Sunday morning so can you go to “church” in your own home at the same time if you wish, or whenever it is convenient. Go to tbcokc.org and then to the “Resources” tab. If you want to watch find the Vimeo link under “Resources” tab and look for the Revelation series where it will be posted. You can also get the “podcast” on the same link for the audio transmission. Jimmy already loaded all the currently  recorded Revelation classes as podcasts. Starting this Sunday he will record both sessions for the website and as podcasts.

I will send the handout for the classes before Sunday so that you can print them out if you wish and follow along. There is obviously a lot of Christian music online so you might look some of your favorites songs up and sing along with them. One of my favorites that goes with our studies is the “Revelation Song.” It is easy to find and there are several good versions of it. Also, “Worthy is the Lamb” is another good one.



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