Foundations-Building in the Faith

Since its inception, the mission of Village Ministries International has been to reach villages and remote areas of the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Often, the window of opportunity for missionary activity is open for only a brief period of time. Our organization’s goal has been to identify gifted men native to these areas and equip them to carry on the delivery of sound Bible teaching after foreign involvement is discontinued, thus “making disciples” in fulfillment of the Great Commission given to us by our Lord and Savior.

Development began in mid-1998 with the intent of producing a simple, understandable study guide for pastors in the villages of third-world countries. Many of those we came into contact with had no formal Bible training nor had they the means to get it. Their Bible translations lack any type of study helps, and the Bible study tools we take for granted in the United States were either unattainable, unaffordable or both. Our desire was to provide some help that could be mostly self-taught.

Foundations-Building in the Faith is the first part of our Equip program, which is designed to provide training resources for indigenous pastors and Bible teachers throughout the world so that the gospel can be spread and disciples made.

Foundations-Building in the Faith is now touching many different parts of the world. It is offered for no charge to any person who is interested as supplies are available. As distribution began, we saw a huge demand for the material, not only on the foreign mission field, but also from churches in the United States. Many are using it in Sunday School, discipleship classes or special outreach classes. It is also being used in several prison ministries. Demand for the book continues to increase.

In an effort to stay consistent with our purpose of ministry and reach some of the larger populations first, VMI has undertaken the translation and printing of Foundations in several languages—Spanish, Russian, Burmese, , Malayalam (India), Kannada (India), Hindi (India), Tamil (India and Sri Lanka), Tagalog (Philippines), Nepali, Urdu (Pakistan), and Kiswahili (Tanzania and Kenya). We have watched in awe as the demand has extended to many other languages. In various stages of translation and proofing are Arabic, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Chin (Myanmar), Lisu (Myanmar), Oriya (India), Punjabi (India), and Singhalese (Sri Lanka).

If you need the Foundations book, which includes the Workbook, you may follow our link to the Village Ministries Internationalweb site and request it. The Foundations book is free.

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