Encouraging One Another

Just as the Holy Spirit encourages us, we should also encourage others.

God’s Word helping us help others.

Lesson 1 Sept. 9th, “Encouraging One Another – introduction”

Lesson 2 Sept. 16th, “Elements of Encouragement”

Lesson 3 Oct. 14th, “Encouraging One Another”

Lesson 4 Oct. 21st, “The Great Encourager”

The Lord’s Table Nov. 4th,
Lesson 5 Nov. 4th, “Barnabas – Son of Encouragement”

Lesson 6 Nov. 11th, “Barnabas”

Lesson 7 Nov. 18th, “Barnabas”

Lesson 8 Dec. 16th, “Encouraging One Another”

Christmas Celebration, Drue’s closing words. Dec. 23rd

Lesson 9 Dec. 30th, “Encouragement: Obstacles and Solutions”

Challenge for 2013 Jan. 6th, Communion Service

Lesson 10 Jan. 13th, “L I G H T your world”