Spiritual Gifts and The Church

What are Spiritual Gifts, where do we get Spiritual Gifts and what do we do with them? Are they expensive?

Lesson 1 February 6th

Lesson 2 February 20th

Lesson 3 March 13th

Lesson 4 March 20th

Lesson 5 March 27th

Lesson 6 April 3rd

Lesson 7 May 1st

Lesson 9 “Instructions to the Elders” May 22nd

Lesson 10 “Instructions to the Elders – cont.” June 5th

Lesson 11 “Qualities of an Overseer” July 10th

Lesson 12 “Qualities of an Overseer-Maturity” July 17th

Lesson 13 “Qualities of Maturity” July 24th

Lesson 14 “Qualities of Maturity – setting the Example” July 31st 1 Tim 3:4

Lesson 15 “Qualities of Maturity – setting the Example” August 7th

Lesson 16 “Qualities of Maturity – A good reputation” August 14th 1 Tim 3:1-7

Lesson 17 “Be Mature” August 14th 1 Tim 3:1-7

Lesson 18 “Quality 16” Sept. 4th Titus1:7

Lesson 19 “5 more qualities” Sept. 11th Titus1:7-9

Lesson 20 “Quality 20” Sept. 18th Titus1:8

Lesson 21 “Maturity does not play politics” Sept. 25th James 1:5-8

Lesson 22 “Maturity honestly clings to the person of Jesus Christ” October 2nd 1 Tim 3:9

Lesson 23 “Another Quality” October 9th

Lesson 24 “Mystery of the Faith” October 16th

Lesson 25 “Testing First” October 23rd

November 13th, apologies…class not recorded.

November 27th, no class.

Lesson 26 “Aspirations of Ministry” December 11th

Lesson 27 “Priestly Aspirations” December 18th

Happy New Year!

Lesson 28 ” January 8th